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Ensuring Climate Justice & A Green Energy System

The world is facing a cataclysmic climate catastrophe. The damage from climate change isn’t in the future, it’s here now. People in Southern California have seen this firsthand in the unprecedented frequency of severe droughts, elevated heat, and severe fires. 

Given Donald Trump’s eagerness to eliminate critical environmental protections and double down on dirty fuels, the future of the planet is in the hands of the states. 

That’s why in the Assembly, Reggie has worked to defend our environment and ensure that everyone, no matter your income, has an opportunity to experience California’s green economy. In Sacramento, Reggie championed investing hundreds of millions in low-income communities to fight climate change and advocated to pass a law that ensures a 100% renewable energy in California by 2045.

Reggie knows more needs to be done to accelerate California’s transition to clean, renewable energy in a way that empowers working class communities of color, which he will continue to fight for both locally and on the state level if re-elected.


Advocating for a 100% Clean Energy Future

  • Advocated to pass a pioneering law that ensures a 100% renewable energy system in California by 2045.


Ensuring Equity in the Green Energy Revolution

  • Supported hundreds of millions in Cap and Trade funds being targeted to low-income communities to address climate change through public transportation investments, affordable housing, and increased home efficiency.

  • Co-authored legislation requiring the California Energy Commission to implement outreach programs to minority communities about workshops, training and funding opportunities, providing economic and environmental gains to these communities.


Protecting Air and Water

  • Co-authored legislation that specifies requirements for toxic air contaminants and implements a statewide strategy to reduce emissions.

  • Secured ongoing funding to ensure access to safe and clean drinking water.

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