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Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis: Protecting Frontline Workers and Delivering for Families


Reggie Jones-Sawyer has worked tirelessly to respond to this unprecedented health and economic crisis and protect people in the 59th District.  When the pandemic first struck, Reggie took action right away to minimize the economic and physical pain caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. From grocery workers keeping our stores stocked to nurses battling the virus, Reggie has helped deliver for frontline workers and working families during the crisis by:


  • Allocating $100 million to purchase vital PPE for hospitals

  • Hand delivering PPE to small clinics running low on supplies

  • Making COVID-19 testing more accessible

  • Helping struggling families access financial benefits

  • Protecting renters & homeowners by fighting for an eviction moratorium

  • Restoring hundreds of millions of dollars in proposed funding cuts to community health clinics

  • Extending millions of dollars in additional stimulus funds to undocumented people

  • Providing over $100 million of community banking support to help small business access capital

  • Helping students navigate the COVID-era learning environment by ensuring no cuts to schools and providing $5.5 billion to manage COVID closure impacts


But the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the failures of our existing social safety net, which has made our response to the public health crisis much worse than it otherwise would be. While some of this support for the working families in the 59th District depends on better leadership in Washington, there’s clearly so much more to do in Sacramento, including:

  • Extending the statewide moratorium on evictions and foreclosures indefinitely and provide greater emergency rental assistance

  • Creating a truly universal healthcare system that provides health care as a right, regardless of income or employment

  • Providing greater aid to immigrant communities, who are likely to again be left out of the next federal aid package

  • Extending California’s boosted unemployment insurance and assistance to small businesses

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