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Creating a Fair Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has also brought about an unprecedented economic crisis. Millions continue to be unemployed, while critical federal financial benefits are set to expire.


As a former shop steward and labor leader, Reggie is deeply committed to economic justice and strongly believes the rights of working people must be upheld and expanded. At a time when the health of workers is threatened like never before and jobs are incredibly scarce, this is more critical now than ever. Reggie believes that investing in the middle class and ensuring the wealthy pay their fair share need to be a priority. Also, Reggie is supporting small businesses during this crisis and will continue to fight for more funding for locally owned businesses that are already confronting the threats of gentrification and corporate expansion.


That’s why in the Assembly, Reggie has fought to create an economy that works for everyone not just those at the top by raising wages, protecting the rights of working people, expanding critical services, and supporting small businesses.


Increasing Wages and Enhancing Critical Services

  • Supported increasing the state minimum wage to $15 per hour.

  • Championed the establishment of the state Earned Income Tax Credit targeted to help support the state’s poorest working families.  This credit now covers over three million California households.

  • Championed the repeal of the maximum family grant rule in CalWORKS, which denied aid to children who were born while their parents were already receiving state assistance.

  • Co-authored legislation that created a system of overtime for agricultural workers.

  • Co-authored legislation that expands access to safe consumer loans up to $7500.  This legislation targets communities of color and other that are un-banked or under banked with limited credit histories.

  • Co-authored legislation that helps provide broadband internet connectivity throughout the state, as internet access is critical to our education, health care and economic well-being.

  • Authored legislation that makes it easier for counties to pay for home Internet and phone services for low-income individuals.

  • Secured hundreds of millions to expand access to child care both in-home and pre-school for California families.


Protecting Workers and Consumers Rights

  • Authored legislation that strengthens workplace protections for employees of cannabis businesses.

  • Authored legislation that protects foster minors from adverse consumer credit reports in their name.

  • Authored legislation that ensure cannabis businesses employees receive proper workplace safety training, protecting both employees and consumers.

  • Authored legislation that allows workers to return to work post-retirement for a temporary amount of time without losing retired health benefits from their previous employer.

  • Authored legislation that strengthens human resource protection for state employees.

  • Authored legislation that empowers social workers to provide feedback on county policies or regulations that endanger the health and safety of children without fear of retribution.


Supporting Small Business Development

  • Supported over $125 million in funding for community banking loans for small businesses

  • Authored legislation that supports advertisement revenue generation for certain local arenas and other sports complex developments.

  • Supported the extension of the California Competes program that awards tax credits to small businesses in the state to encourage their growth.


In the Assembly, I’ll continue working to support
small businesses to bring back our local economy.


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