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Healthcare for All

The pandemic has undoubtedly exposed the need for much greater investments in our health and medicine and ultimately, a universal healthcare system that ensures everyone has affordable, quality care. Reggie knows that healthcare is a human right and that every person deserves access to the care they need.


Reggie has long believed that California must set an example for the country and establish universal health care for every resident and has fought to advance it as a labor leader and as an elected official. In the Assembly, Reggie has been a passionate advocate for expanding access to quality, affordable care, particularly to immigrants and other marginalized groups, and reducing healthcare costs. He will continue to fight to ultimately move toward a system with universal coverage for every Californian if re-elected, and help the state’s healthcare providers better respond to the realities of COVID-19.


Enhancing Healthcare Delivery During COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Allocating $100 million to purchase vital PPE for hospitals

  • Hand delivering PPE to small clinics running low on supplies

  • Making COVID-19 testing more accessible

  • Successfully fought to restore hundreds of millions of dollars in proposed funding cuts to community health clinics

Expanding Access to Affordable Care

  • Championed the expansion of health care coverage to all undocumented children in California.

  • Supported billions in Medi-Cal expansion to insure access to insurance coverage for Californians.


Removing Bias in Healthcare System

  • Co-authored legislation that requires continuing education for medical professionals to include courses on implicit bias and bias-reduction towards communities of color.

  • Authored legislation that makes substance abuse counselor mandatory reporters with regard to elder and dependent adult abuse.

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