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Defending & Uplifting Immigrant Communities

Los Angeles is a city of immigrants. Our unparalleled diversity has always enriched our region and made us one of the greatest places in the world.

In the Trump era, immigrants all over the country are under constant threat of deportation and other abuse. But the problem didn’t start with Trump.  America’s immigration system has long been deeply flawed, predatory and exploitative of certain communities.

Reggie has always believed in creating a California for all, regardless of citizenship status. That’s why Reggie is proud to have stood up for immigrant communities during the constant attacks from the Trump administration to ensure they have access to the necessary resources and protections. In the Assembly, Reggie has fought to provide critical financial benefits to immigrant communities amid COVID-19 and make California a sanctuary state for all people.

If re-elected, Reggie will continue to defend immigrants from the constant attacks by the federal government and ensure they have access to critical services during these unprecedented times. As long as Congress repeatedly fails to pass national comprehensive immigration reform, California has the responsibility to take the lead and defend and expand the rights of everyone, regardless of their citizenship status.


Extending Critical Services to Everyone, Regardless of Status

  • Led effort to push Governor Newsom to establish a state relief fund that has provided economic assistance to undocumented workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Extended millions of dollars in additional 2020 stimulus funds to undocumented people, including $25 million for entrepreneurial training and financial aid for undocumented students at the UC, CSU, and community colleges.

  • Extended access to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to undocumented people with children under the age of 6, benefiting up to 46,000 Californians.

  • Championed the expansion of health care coverage to all undocumented children in California.

  • Co-authored legislation that created a system of overtime for agricultural workers.


Protecting Angelenos from ICE

  • Supported California’s sanctuary state law that prevents state and local law enforcement agencies from using their resources on behalf of federal immigration enforcement agencies.

  • Authored legislation that prohibits law enforcement from detaining a crime victim or witness solely for an actual or suspected immigration violation.


Empowering Immigrant Youth

  • Co-author of legislation that requires the development and adoption of model curriculum in ethnic studies for high schools.

  • Co-authored a resolution urging Congress to create a pathway to permanent legal status for immigrant youth with Deferred Enforced Departure and Temporary Protected Status.

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