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Elected Officials

RJS Bernie2.jpg

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

"I'm proud to endorse Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer, who has spent his life fighting against big oil, the pharmaceutical industry, and a broken criminal justice system. His progressive values will continue to create a more inclusive and just California for all."


U.S. Senator Kamala Harris

“I’m proud to endorse Reggie Jones-Sawyer’s re-election because he has dedicated his life to giving back to his community, caring for others, and protecting our most vulnerable, which is exactly the leadership we need in the State Legislature. Time and again, Reggie has shown the courage and innovative thinking necessary to effectively advocate for working families, healthcare for all, immigrant communities, and environmental justice. I know that he will continue the progress he's made on behalf of Californians in the Assembly, and I’m standing with him.”

Maxine Waters.jpg

U.S. Congresswoman

Maxine Waters

"Reggie Jones-Sawyer has been a consistent advocate for positive change that has real-life benefits for his constituents. Reggie has dedicated his professional life to serving his community, working to ensure more resources are available for students, seniors, small businesses, and working families. The tireless work Reggie has done in Sacramento during this pandemic has provided our clinics, businesses and first responders with vital funding and PPE to help them serve others in need. Let's continue to move our communities forward by re-electing Reggie Jones-Sawyer to the State Assembly to further his work for the 59th District."


U.S. Congressman Jimmy Gomez

"Reggie Jones-Sawyer is a real community advocate working to improve the lives of residents in his district. I know because I served with Reggie in the State Assembly. He was chosen to lead the public safety committee because of his focus on protecting Californians. Reggie is a transparent progressive leader whose work will help end corruption in government, create jobs, and help with our covid recovery. I am proud to endorse his campaign and ask for your support to re-elect Reggie Jones-Sawyer for State Assembly, District 59."


California Governor

Gavin Newsom

"Reggie Jones-Sawyer has been a bold leader in the State Legislature, fighting for pioneering change on a wide range of issues.  I’ve seen his innovative thinking firsthand as we’ve partnered together on important issues like gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform that will make California safer and more just. I'm proud to endorse his re-election."

Anthony Rendon.jpg

California Assembly Speaker

Anthony Rendon

“I am proud to endorse Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer for re-election. He has been a visionary when it comes to a range of issues, but particularly criminal justice reform. A former labor leader, Reggie has always put working families first. The people of the 59th District need and deserve a forward-thinking and proven leader like Reggie Jones-Sawyer.”

Ricardo image (1).jpg

California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara

“I enthusiastically endorse my friend Reggie Jones-Sawyer for re-election. We need Reggie’s strong leadership, unique life experiences, and deep expertise back in Sacramento. Throughout his accomplished career, Reggie has been dedicated to reforming our criminal justice system, enhancing affordable housing, and protecting vulnerable communities. I’m proud to stand with him in his efforts to build a stronger California.”


CA State Assemblymember and Latino Legislative Caucus Chair Lorena Gonzalez

“Reggie Jones-Sawyer embodies the bold progressive leadership that we need in the State Assembly, and I’m thrilled to support his campaign. In the State Legislature, Reggie has always had the back of Latino families throughout California, working to enact critical immigrant rights laws, ensure universal healthcare coverage, increase the state's minimum wage, combat climate change, protect workers' rights and make college more accessible to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. As a long-time public servant in his community, Reggie is an effective and compassionate leader and coalition builder who has taken the lead on many challenging issues confronting our families. I know he will be a relentless advocate for our immigrant communities and will continue the progress he’s made uplifting poor and disadvantaged communities, and I’m excited to endorse him.”


CA State Senator and Latino Legislative Caucus Vice Chair Maria Elena Durazo

"I'm extremely pleased to announce my strong support of Reggie Jones-Sawyer’s re-election campaign. As someone who has known him for years, I've seen Reggie’s dedication to improving people's lives firsthand. In the Legislature, Reggie has been an unrelenting advocate for working families, healthcare for all, and immigrant communities.  He’s a proven progressive champion with a profound commitment to social and economic justice who has long been an inspiring leader to so many. We are confident that Reggie will always have the best interests of our families and other vulnerable communities in mind, and we’re excited to endorse him.”


University of California (UC) Board of Regents Chair and California Assembly Speaker Emeritus John A. Pérez

“Reggie Jones-Sawyer is the clear choice for the 59th Assembly District, and I’m excited to endorse his re-election campaign. Throughout his time in public service, Reggie has constantly fought to make California a more inclusive, competitive, and just place, and that is exactly the type of leader we need in the State Legislature. In the Assembly, Reggie has been a relentless advocate for working families, immigrant communities, healthcare for all, and has been an important voice on amending inequities in our criminal justice system.  I look forward to helping him get re-elected.”



California Nurses Association

"The California Nurses Association are thrilled to endorse Reggie Jones-Sawyer’s re-election because he has long been committed to ensuring universal healthcare in California through a Medicare for All system.  As the Founder of the California Progressive Caucus in the State Legislature, Reggie has spent his career fighting for social and economic justice to help lift up disadvantaged communities throughout California, and we know he'll continue to be a bold force on behalf of California's nurses in the Assembly.”


California Teachers Association

“Reggie Jones-Sawyer is the clear choice for students, educators, and working families for State Assembly. California’s educators are again pleased to support Reggie for District 29.  In the Assembly, Reggie has proven his commitment to public education by working to increase school funding during challenging financial times. We know he’ll continue to be a bold force for students and educators in Sacramento.”


California Professional Firefighters

"California Professional Firefighters is proud to endorse Reggie Jones-Sawyer for re-election to the State Assembly. Throughout his time in the State Legislature, Reggie has been a champion for firefighters, paramedics, and emergency service responders. As Chair of the Public Safety Committee, he has been instrumental in efforts to combat wildfires and enhance resources for our firefighters. For these reasons and many more, we know that Reggie is the best choice for the 59th District.”


Service Employees International Union (SEIU) State Council of California

“As a member of the SEIU family, Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer understands the critical needs and interests of our members. SEIU California is proud to endorse leaders who champion working families, and Reggie Jones-Sawyer has always been committed to our cause. We stand united behind him, and look forward to helping him in his campaign.”

afscme logocropped.png

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) California

“Reggie Jones-Sawyer has spent his entire career fighting for working families, starting with his early work as a labor organizer. Through his forward-thinking leadership in the Assembly, he has helped to renew California’s commitment to investing in our schools, healthcare system, and other critical public services. We look forward to working with Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer to make sure he can continue championing the issues of working families in Sacramento.”

la labor fed.png

Los Angeles County Labor Federation

“Now more than ever, working families need warriors who will fight for them in government by advancing a pro-worker and pro-middle class agenda. That’s why the L.A. County Labor Federation is proud to give our wholehearted support to Reggie Jones-Sawyer in his re-election campaign for State Assembly. Throughout his career, from his time as a union organizer to his tenure in the State Assembly, Reggie has been a steadfast champion of working people. We need him to continue fighting the good fight for workers throughout the 59th District and all of L.A. County, and look forward to helping him get elected.”


Brady United Against Gun Violence

“As Chair of the Assembly Public Safety Committee, Reggie has shown tremendous leadership in the enactment of strong gun safety laws in California and is dedicated to combating gun violence. It is our pleasure to endorse him, as we are confident that he will continue to champion our cause if re-elected. We look forward to supporting his campaign.”

CA Labor Fed.jpg

California Labor Federation

“The California Labor Federation is thrilled to endorse Reggie’s re-election campaign because as the Chair of the California Progressive Caucus in the State Legislature, he has always been a leader on behalf of social and economic justice. Throughout his career, from his time as an SEIU organizer to his tenure in the State Legislature, Reggie has had the best interests of working men and women at heart every day. We’re with Reggie 100%, and look forward to helping him get re-elected.”

UFCW 770.png

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770

“UFCW Local 770 is proud to endorse Reggie Jones-Sawyer's re-election campaign because he has always been a leader in the fight for social and economic justice and we know he is unafraid to take bold positions on behalf of working men and women. During the COVID-19 crisis, Reggie has been relentlessly fighting to ensure California’s frontline workers have the support they need, both in terms of providing emergency funds in the State Legislature and working in the community to pool resources together and ensure they have the personal protective equipment they need. We know that in Sacramento, Reggie will continue to be a tireless and innovative fighter for a fairer economy that works for everyone."

NUHW logo.png

National Union of Healthcare Workers

“The members of NUHW are excited to again endorse Reggie Jones-Sawyer for Assembly because he has been a dedicated and effective voice for working people throughout his entire life. Healthcare workers throughout the 59th District on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis know that Reggie has been by our side throughout this dire moment, from delivering PPE to providing critical funds in the State Legislature. Reggie is the only candidate with the experience and forward-thinking vision necessary to help expand access to mental health and social services and ensure universal healthcare for all Californians.”

CHIRLA Action Fund.png

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) Action Fund

"In this time, where racial injustice is deeply ingrained in our society, we see your leadership play a critical role. Your commitment to be a champion in the political frontlines is key. Your track records show your passion and commitment to marginalized and low-income communities in your district. Furthermore, you highlighted how many of the issues in your district are intersectional and how your advocacy will further lead to humanize the immigrant population instead of furthering the criminalization narrative. We know you will continue to speak on behalf of what the direct needs are amongst our immigrants in your district. During your next term, we know that you will move your district forward and stop the passing of legislation that will further deeply harm our families, youth, women, and children demonstrating your ability to fight for justice for all residents regardless of their race, class, creed, gender, ability, and status."

Our Revolution Logo.jpg

Our Revolution

"We are proud to endorse Reggie Jones-Sawyer for re-election to California's State Assembly - fighting for bold, transformative legislation on housing, raising the wage, criminal justice reform & more."

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